Academics For Development (AFD) is een jonge organisatie die het voor studenten mogelijk maakt om mee te werken aan duurzame en sociale projecten in locale buurten en ontwikkelingslanden. Daarnaast staat AFD ook voor het voorlichten informeren van studenten over ontwikkelingssamenwerking en sociale ondernemerschap.
“Building on a better world by helping the ones who need it the most while spending your summer in a developing country. Sounds like a nice way to travel, use your time wisely, exchange cultures and give something back to society, right? Philanthropic actions, however, do not always create the outcomes we hope for. Western volunteers who travel to the other side of the world do not always arrive in the expected situation and sometimes come back disillusioned. 
This evening we will research the concept of volunteering tourism – a rising phenomenon under Western youth – by watching the exclusive documentary “#DOINGGOOD” by Loeke de Waal and Steffi Posthumus. To get a deeper understanding of the movie and exchange ideas, Anouschka Boswinous will support our discussion of the documentary. Writing her Cultural Anthropology master thesis on voluntourism, she will share her knowledge about the subject as well as respond to your questions. Also, the Hunger Project Utrecht will discuss their vision about volunteering and how this can be done best. Together we will try to come to new insights: when does doing good create good outcomes?

What? – Screening of Exclusive Documentary #DOINGGOOD
When? – 13 December 2016, doors open 19.00, start 19.30 
Where? – Academie Gebouw, room 1636 (Domplein 29, Utrecht)
Tickets – The event is FREE. However, we ask you to inscribe via this link